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21st April 2017

Last minute apologies meant that there were only five at practice last night. Not wanting to waste an opportunity we decided to ring a quarter peal on the back 5. Ringing doubles without a tenor cover is fairly challenging when not practiced regularly. It is particularly important to have steady leading and not to rush the bells, keeping them held up. This produces better striking and makes ringing the tenor a lot easier. I am please to say that we made a good effort of this unplanned challenge and a reasonable quarter peal was scored in 46 minutes. Details can be found here.

Well done to everyone, it was good fun. And then, for some of us, to the pub!

6th April 2017
We were delighted to welcome Reuben to our practice this evening. Reuben was born on Wednesday 29th March and Susanne and Matt wanted to introduce him to us as soon as possible. Reuben slept all through the practice, perhaps already used to the sound of the bells, being a "hidden" attendee for the last nine months! Congratulations Susanne and Matt.


2nd April 2017
Just six of us this morning, but that was enough! We rang a 120 Plain Bob Doubles, followed by 60 on thirds call changes. We enjoyed some good striking. Comment made that the heating is now off in the ringing room, and Spring has sprung. Good!

In church afterwards a villager told me that she enjoyed the bells this morning as she walked to church and she knew that she was not late! How nice to know that people listen to and appreciate our efforts?

29th March 2017

Well, its been fairly quite lately. Practices and Sunday ringing have continued but there hasn't been a lot to report.
We are routlinely ringing plain coiurses of St.Simons as well as touches of Plain Bob Doubles but this can sometimes depend on everyone being there.

We have lost Christine as she has now gone back to St.Neots practices on a Friday now that she does not have to ferry one of her sons to  sports sessions on a Friday. It has been good to have her with us on a Thursday for the last couple of months, during which time she has learned to Plain Hunt on 5 and 6, and to call changes. I am sure she will keep in touch, and I know that she want to be kept informed about Susanne's baby! Talking of which, Susanne is still ringing even though her baby is due within the next couple of weeks. We hope to arrange a quarter peal for them in due course.

The boys have missed a few sessions lately due to intense revision and school work as they near their GCSEs. This is a hectic time for them and we wish them luck. It will be quite a few weeks before they can relax.

25th February 2017
In 2016 the bell ringers were left an amount of money by the late Mrs Anne Bradbury. Anne loved to listen to the bells and would often spend time in her garden on a summer evening enjoying our practising. We wanted to commemorate her life by ringing a quarter peal on the anniversary of her death but were too late to do so last year, so we planned ahead for 2017 and as the date fell on a Saturday it enabled us to muster a local team to ring. On the 25th February we rang a quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles, details of which can be found here.

Anne's companion and friend came to the church to take photographs, and a recording was made which will be sent to Anne's only surviving relative.

20th February 2017
Nice practice last Thursday when we thought there would only be six of us due to half term absenteeism. But, the Stevens family visited from Swavesey and this took our numbers up to ten. We were able to ring a lot of Plain Bob Doubles, St.Simons and St.Clements (the latter requested by Daniel S). Rounds and call changes were also rung and Andrew rang a supervised touch of Plain Bob Doubles for the first time. Well done everyone!

Sunday's ringing was very good indeed, attracting favourable comments from members of the congregation. The main event was a long touch of call changes, but we also rang Plain Hunt 5.

11th February 2017
We have had a few good practices this year with some welcome resources visiting, which has really benefited the band. It was good to see Alasdair on Thursday having had a couple of weeks off after a minor op, and Andrew came along, having a break from his technical work with his school "am dram" production.

Christine continues to work on her Plain Hunt on the treble, Matt is getting to grips with the treble to Plain Bob Doubles and Alasdair will soon be ringing a touch inside. St.Simons continues to be a challenge but the increased opportunities to ring it are helping us get through plain courses. 

All in all, we are doing prety well, but we do need new ringers if we are going to continue to grow as a team.

27th January 2017
It has been a bit quite on the ringing front since Christmas with a few ringers missing early on. Practice last night was excellent with all but two ringers turning up and we had two "occasional" visitors. This helped us to ring Plain Bob Doubles, St.Simons Doubles, Plain Hunt on six (a first for Martin and Matt), as well as call changes (a first for calling them for Christine).

The striking was prety good too and there was a lot of enthusiasm. We could definately make quick progress if we had all these ringers every week. Never mind, we will take every opportunity to push on and encourage everyone in their ringing.


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