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27th February 2020

Well, we have had our new tail ends for a couple of weeks and find them to be very comfortable. They are flax and the same guage as the old ones, so plenty of weight on the rope for our 13.5cwt bells. They were for the back three which were worn most. We received a very good service from Mendip Ropes and will now consider sending the front three ropes although they are not as badly worn.

Tied bell practice this week was to be to practice Double Bob Minimus but Hazel was called away so we used the sim to do some leading practice and Plain Hunt on 5. It was a very worthwhile session, they usually are. Tricia is coming one well and we covered some call change theory and did some dodging practice in the morning session.

The photo shows the afternoon team.


 Georgia, Sue and Phillip


9th February 2020

No much happening in the last two weeks, most of us have had colds which has caused some absenteeism but we have been practising and we rang for the service last Sunday.

One thing I had overlooked was that during the quarter peal for Sue to gain her level 3 certificate, Georgia also achieved her level 4. So the photograph this week is of the certificate presentations at practice on the 30th January. A very good start to the year.


Presentation of LtR certificates during practice on 30th January
L-R Phillip, Sheila, Tricia, Sue, Hazel, Georgia, Sheila P, David

29th January 2020

Yet another success story for two of our ringers, this time by ringing a quarter peal. Sue needed to ring the tenor behind to a quarter peal to achieve her level 3 certificte in the Learning the Ropes scheme. We had tried just before Christmas but the ringing came to grief, and so this was a priority for this year.

We organised it to be at Caxton on a Tuesday evening. The ringers here don't practice in January and we knew that the bells would be available and we are familiar with them. It was just a matter of getting a couple of experienced ringers to helps us and Catherina was an obvious choice. We also asked David Griffiths and this left one rope. I saw it as an opportunity for Georgia to ring her first quarter peal inside and she was pleased to be able to ring.

The pressure was on a bit, with Georgia's longest length inside and Sue's L3 certificate at stake but we had a good quarter peal and we all very pleased at our accomplishent.

Many thanks to David and Catherina for ringing with us. 


 Happy band after quarter peal success
L-R: Sheila, Catherina, Sue, David, Georgia, Phill


19th January 2020

Sheila and Phillip G went to the Hunts District ADM on Saturday 18th Jan. As usual we enjoyed a "ringers' tea" of sandwiches, cake and lashings of tea. It was a good opportunity to catch up with friends and have a good chat.

During the business meeting we elected Tricia as a member of the association, along with other ringers from different towers in the district. I explained that Tricia started in September and was ringing call changes. This was met with ooo's and aaah's amongst members. Obviously good progress Tricia!!

At the end of the meeting a very pleasant surprise awaited Sheila. A presentation was made to her of a certificate marking her 50 years as a member of the association. This was greeted with warm applause from everyone. We were not aware that this was going to happen and didn't have tiome to photograph the event, so at home today we took the opportunity for a group photo with some of the Gransden ringers. Unfortunately ony five ringers this morning, we usually have at least six. Never mind, we rang some nice call changes.

Congratulations to Sheila.


 L-R: Sheila P, Tricia, Sheila G, Phillip, Sue

10th January 2020

Waking up from the "ringing slumbers" after Christmas, we met for our second practice of the year and were pleased to see Alasdair again albeit briefly before he returns to university in Glasgow. We managed to ring Plain Bob Mibor as well as PB5 and G% plain courses.

We talked about a visit to Peterborough cathedral on one of their practice nights and Phillip will arrange this. We are also planning a quarter peal for Sue at Caxton on 28th preceeded by practice there next week.

We have intended to replace some tail ends on the ropes and during the week the 4th and 6th ropes have been replaced by spare ones. The spares have not been rung for decades and are a bit springy but we managed them ok. They need a biot of adjustment as they stretched out during the evening.


 Replacement rope on No 4 bell

4th January 2020

On Saturday 4th January 14 ringers and partners celebrated the New Year with the annual ringers' party, this year held at Nutbells.

As usual everyone contributed to the meal with a variety of choices for startes, mains and sweet. After each course we were encouraged to change seating venue between the kitchen and the dinging room so as to be able to chat with everyone during the evening.

After the meal we enjoyed two quizes organised by Adrian and David, and finally Sheila and Phillip were presented with gifts as thanks for their ringing leadership during 2019 and for hosting the party.


 L-R: Hazel, Matt, Susanne, Glyn, Sheila P, Alasdair, Tricia, Georgia, Sheila G,
Sue, Adrian (front), Ant, David, Phillip

 Handmade personalised bell decorations
presented to Phillip & Sheila
Winning team receiving their prize from David (standing left), Georgia, Tricia, Ant, Hazel, Matt, Sheila G 
   Phillip & Sheila receive thank you gifts from David

1st January 2020

A lovely start to the New Year with a date touch being rung by local ringers and friends.

This was the 25th New Year's Day date touch, and quite possibly the last as it completes a long project (by definition). In fact we have attempted a date touch on 27 NYDs but two have failed, one due to method mistakes and the other due to a mis-call. nevertheless, this has been a great success.

Today's ringing was very good and methods rung included Cambridge S Minor, Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Doubles. This is the first quarter peal to be both minor and doubles methods. The details can be found here.

Thanks to all 31 ringers who have rung with us over the last 27 years.

Here is a photo of the band.


 L-R: Jon, Naomi, Catherina, Sheila, John, Phillip

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