Gransden Church Bells 


This page contains recording sof the bells in video format using photographs relevant to the recording.

16th December 2013
This two minute clip is part of a quarter peal of Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles which was rung in September 1996. This
is the only known recording of the bells before they were re-tuned. The photographs are of the installation before the restoration, and includes a shot from the then silence chamber (now the clock room) when the bells were rung from the ground floor.

21st November 2013
A sound bite of the half muffled peal rung on the 9th November.

Saturday 13th September 2013
Firing the bells for  wedding. Rachel (churchwarden) was still in church so I asked her to video it for me
(thank you Rachel), and this can be found on my Facebook page and Youtube.

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