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14th October 2017

Sheila and Phillip recently celebrated their 45th wedding aniversary, so to mark the occasion a date touch was composed of 1972 changes (the year they were married), and this was successfully rung on the 14th with some longtsanding ringing friends. The methods rung were an extent each of Ipswich and Norwich Surprise, and a 532 of Cambridge and Ipswich Surprise. The ringing was very good throughout and took 1hr and 7 minutes.

In Gransden tradition a photograph was required afterwards and the band is seen here tired but pleased with their efforts. Tea and doughnuts were enjoyed at Nutbells afterwards.

Details of the date touch can be found here.


 Back: Phillip, Russell, Hannah
Front: Sheila Charlotte, Anthony


24th August 2017

GCSE Quarter Peal
An excellent practice this evening preceded by a quarter peal to congratulate Andrew and Alasdair on achieving excellent results in their GCSEs. We were pleased to welcome some ringing friends to our practice afterwards which enabled us to ring St.Simons and several touches Plain Bob Doubles as well as call changes.


Quarter Peal Band
L-R: Sheila G, Phillip, David, Sheila P, Alasdair, Andrew 
  Ringers at the Practice
L-R: Caroline Stevens, Sheila P, Matt Stevens, Sheila G, Hazel Pettit, Andrew Lawrence, Phillip, David, Christine Tankersley, Alasdair

19th August 2017

Dan and Heather were staying with grandparents Phillip and Sheila George, and although we knew we would be short of ringers for practice on Thursday 17th due to holidays, we decided to ring four bells for half an hour. Heather (8), who has had only two lessons, rang the treble to Rounds (backstroke only). Dan (11), who has been ringing for a couple of years, rang call changes very competently. A very enjoyable and encouraging session.



 Heather having her third ringing lesson
   Dan ringing call changes

31st July 2017

We were very pleased to welcome a visiting band of ringers today to ring a quarter peal. They arrived promptly at 9.00am and got the bells up just before 9.15am, the start time. Several "hangers-on" came to try out the bells and a favourable comment was received stating that "they were the best six so far". The group come from many towers and are on their annual week long ringing holiday.

The ringers were due to ring Kelso, but decided to ring Plain Bob Doubles because two of the band could not ring Kelso. Never mind, the striking was excellent and I enjoyed listening to the begining and end of the ringing. Dave Matthews, the organiser, arrived shortly before the finish and also had the opportunity to ring before the team left for their next tower.



 Dave Matthew's Quarter Peal Team


Thursday 22nd June 2017

We rang a very well-struck quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles this evening in 43 minutes, to celebrate the consecration of the Very Rev'd Dr. Peter Wilcox, as Bishop of Sheffield. This took place at York Minster earlier in the day.

Peter has a connection with the Gransdens. In the early 1970s he was a chorister in the parish churches at the time his father, the Rev'd David Wilcox, was vicar. David went on to become the Bishop of Dorking.

The photographs picture the ringers after the quarter peal, and also of the church choir when Peter was a chorister in the 1970s


 From left top: Phillip, Sheila, Sheila P, Catherina, David, Martin    The Church Choir 1970s.
 Peter is 4th from the right in the middle row.


Thursday 16th June 2017

All ringers were invited to take part in the 2017 BBC Music Day today and ring from 7.00pm. Keen to be part of this event we arranged a band and were able to ring call changes (60 on thirds) conducted by Sheila George. The ringing was good and very enjoyable, being completed in 20 minutes.

After a short break we continued our practice night which included more call changes, this time on 6-bells, and Plain Bob Doubles. Special thanks to Christine T (St.Neots) for joining us for this.

 Back: Phillip, David, Matt. Front: Sheila P, Christine, Sheila


Friday 2nd June 2017

Today, we rang for the wedding of Alexandra and James. The weather was warm and bright. On arriving at the church just before 1.00pm I was surprised to see so many people as the wedding was not until 1.30pm. The reason, apparently they had been asked to arrive early, and in anticipation of warm weather were able to enjoy complimentary ice creams.

The service was a little late starting and David had to get to a business meeting by three o' clock, so ringing time afterwards was a bit tight. However, we had some good call changes and, as usual, we fired the bells three times, producing some magnificent clashes.

Comment received afterwards was that the bells sounded lovely. It is always good to get feedback from listeners.


 Ice cream van at the wedding
   Waiting to ring: Martin, Sheila P, David P.


5th May 2017

Well, this is the season for celebrations. Sunday the 14th May was David and Sheila Prest's 40th wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion we rang a quarter peal, which included their sons Martin and Michael, who also learned to ring at Gransden. Many congratulations to David and Sheila.

Details of the quarter peal can be found here:  and a recording of the last few seconds of the ringing can be heard here.

Of course, we photographed the event, and were please to welcome Michael's girlfreind, Adrienne; who although not a ringer was content to watch and listen in the ringing room.

  L-R Adrienne, Michael, Sheila P, David, Martin, Phillip, Sheila


30th April 2017

We had some celebratory ringing today. We arranged a quarter peal, by local ringers, for our Sunday service ringing, especially to welcome Susanne and Matt's baby son, Reuben Niklas, who was born on the 29th March. Susanne, Reuben and Susanne's mum Gudrun came to the ringing room beforehand and then watched from the church. Reuben didn't stir and slept right through the quarter peal, but he is perhaps used to the sound of the bells, being a regular visitor during the previous nine months!

Details of the quarter peal can be found here:

  L-R Sheila G, Gudrun, Phillip, Matt, Susanne, Alasdair, David, Sheila P.


17th April 2017

As we do not practice during Holy Week we held our annual ringers meeting on Maunday Thursday. A brief review of the examined accounts confirm that we have a healthy bank balance, but which could easily be eroded when we buy new ropes (not planned just yet). We are pleased to be able to fund minor work in the tower which eases the pressure on the PCC.

The officers were re-elected. Tower Captain - Sheila George, Deputy Tower Captain - David Prest, Secretary/Treasurer - Phillip George.

2016 was a busy year when we accomplished many ringing targets. The highlight was our weekend away in September to the Durham area. Organised so proficiently by David. We rang to several weddings and for other occasions for community events as well as church services.

We will continue to ring as much as we can for community events, and to progress in our ringing, albeit with a smallish team of ringers. We are lucky to be able to support ourselves but always need new recruits.

28th January 2017

A red-letter day for me (Phillip) when I rang my 1000th quarter peal, and on the 50th anniversary of my first one. I had selected some longstanding ringing friends to take part in this, and also a peal in the morning at Caxton, which was also a 50th anniversary of my first peal.

After the peal we adjourned to Nutbells for a lovelty lunch prepared by Sheila, before coming across to the tower for the afternoon ringing. The methods were Norwich S, and Cambridge S and the ringing took 45 minutes.

Many thanks to all the ringers who have helped me reach 1000, especially in the last 12 months when quarter peal ringing had to be carefully planned so as not to exceed the target before the date.

Details of the ringing can be found at  


 L-R: Sheila, Catherina, Sally, Phillip, Charlotte, Anthony

1st January 2017.

We rang the 23rd New Years' Day Date Touch this morning, which was 2017 changes of Cambridge S Minor. With thanks to Sheila G, Catherina, Iain, Andrew and Vee. We had some good ringing although I admit to being on tenter-hooks just now as I approach my planned 1000th quarter peal at the end of January, so every one counts at this stage.

See details at


 L-R: Catherina, Phillip, Iain, Andrew, Sheila, Vanessa


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