Gransden Church Bells 

Tower Officers
The ringers hold an annual meeting. The agenda includes:

  1. Report by the tower captain of ringing events during the past year.
  2. Financial report
  3. Election of officers
  4. Ringing activities for the coming year

 Tower Captain
Sheila George  
 Deputy Tower Captain
David Prest  
 Tower Secretary / Steeple Keeper
Phillip George

Our objective is to ensure that all the bells are rung when required for church services and other occasions, and to advance the standard and quality of ringing in our church.

We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of friendship, harmony and enjoyment whilst developing and maintaining high standards expected in the participation in our art and service to the church.

We encourage ringers to become members of our local ringing association, the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. We will teach anyone who shows a keen interest in ringing, in return for loyal commitment to our objectives.



Church bell ringing is part of the church's safeguarding system. Appropriate procedures are in place to ensure that children and / or vulnerable adults are supervised correctly in the tower and during outings. Parents / guardians are closely informed about ringing activities. See the safeguarding page for further information.

Bells in the Community

The traditionally accepted use of church bells is to announce church services. However, ringing can be carried out to mark all kinds of events, and bells are rung very often simply for the pleasure of ringing. In many churches the ringers cannot bee seen, but in Great Gransden visitors to the church can see the ringers from the nave of the church.

Bells are rung in changes. Change ringing is an art and science which holds a fascination to ringers and listeners alike. Whilst we ring for church services we also have a greater part to play in the community. This document, Bells in the Community, illustrates the importance of our interaction and contribution to church and community, and in maintaining the art of change ringing



All ringers are made aware of safety procedures whilst in the tower and when ringing. An annual refresher is given on dealing with emergencies. Safety procedures and risk assessments have been written.


The tower has a handbook which reflects current practice in managing ringing, training, safety and maintenance. It is reviewed at least annually.

Tower Annual Report
At our annual meeting on Thursday 18th April 2019, David Prest presented his report for 2018, which can be found here.


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