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Our policy is to continuously train and develop ringers to aquire the technical skills and knowledge of change ringing.  Safety in the tower is part of the introductory training.  We encourage ringers to take part in a wide range of ringing experiences from ringing outings, and when applicable to tower maintenance. Visits to local towers are included.


Thinking Inside the Circle

The tutors' responsibility is to continuously watch the learner and quickly identify any handling and control faults. These are immediately
discussed with the learner with an explanation as to why correction is needed and how it can be achieved. The tutor has full responsibility for the learner especially in the early days of bell handling.

Concentration and Focus
Learners are encouraged to concentrate and focus when ringing and to forget external interruptions such as their surroundings, people coming and going and other distractions. The tutor must also do this and continually offer constructive feedback.

Feel, Listen, See.
After initial bell handling the learner is helped to develop control of the bell to ensure that it sounds in the correct place amongst the others at all times. This is achieved by learning appropriate physical dexterity and listening carefully to the bell each time it strikes. Watching the other bell ropes helps place the bell correctly, but listening is the key skill. The simulator is used as part of this training.

From the very first steps learners are encouraged to be part of the team. Every effort is made to give fair opportunities during practice and service ringing. Call changes are used as a developmental step and all learners are taught how to call them. When they are capable newer ringers are taught how to "stand behind" and help less the experienced ringers.

As soon as ringers are capable they are encouraged to take part in quarter peals.


The tower has a simulator (equipment supplied by Saxilby Simulators) fitted to the treble and 2nd bells, and interfacing with Abel.This enables any ringer, learner of more experienced, to ring anything from Rounds and call changes to Surprise methods. It is used to train bell control and listening skills and to help learn methods.


Training Facility

The training facility is available for use by ringers from other towers in the area under the supervision of the local trainers.


We are one of many churches who have a simulator. We have had one for many years and make good use of it on a weekly basis. A map of sim installations can be found here.



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