Gransden Church Bells 

The Belfry

Coming out of the clock room and stepping across into the spiral staircase, a further 11 steps takes you to the belfry. Once through the door another small flight of wooden steps takes you up and almost under the tenor bell. Vertical steps divert the visitor on to the walkway alongside the bell frame where the bells can be easily and safely viewed.

Click here to see a layout of the belfry.

 Belfry door
   Small flight of steps going up under the tenor bell with small vertical steps to the left
   A closer look at the tenor bell. Notice the tuning marks on the inside
 The walkway alongside the bell frame
   The clock wires are set on the belfry floor for ease of maintenance
   A muffle on the clapper of No3
 Top left is the 5th, then the tenor with treble and 2nd bells in the foreground
   Top right is the 5th and 4th to the left
   Treble (left) and 2nd bells
Looking to the 4th between the wheels of the 2nd and third bells
   4th bell
  Under the treble bell showing the clapper and slider
 Looking down on the tenor from the fith bell frame
  Canon retaining headstock of the 4th bell
  Canon retaining headstock of the tenor bell 
No 2 bell
  Clock hammers on the tenor bell 
  Looking down into the spiral staircase from the belfry  
 cctv camera
  Belfry roof. The old belframe is immediately above this structure
   The window in the belfry

This is usually as far as visitors can go, but lets take a look at the old belfry

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