Gransden Church Bells 

The Ringing Room

Through the turret door in the corner of the tower on the ground floor. Twelve steps will take you to the ringing room. Photographs of ringers past and present adorn the walls as well as progress charts and other ringing paraphernalia. There are details of all the quarter peals which have been rung in the tower and the peal board which marks the first peal on the bells after they were re-hung.

Click here to see a layout of the ringing room.

 Doorway into turret staircase
   Entry into the ringing room
   General view from the doorway
Peal board and bell ropes
   The rope spider was made by Mr. Derek Ellison, father in law of one of our former ringers.
  The ropes are pulled up to the ceiling after use

Looking down into the ringing room from the clock room
General view to the west
Looking through the screen into the nave of the church

 The peal board recording the first peal on the re-hung bells
DEL monitor for cctv
Would you like to climb up to the Clock Room ?

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