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Website Development

Welcome to the archive page which contains a summary of some of the news items previously featured on the front page, and summary details of changes to the website.

Development on the website began in the autum of 2012.

Website amendments, additions and deletions

Training - 22 Dec 12. A new page summarizing training procedures
People - 22 Dec 12. A new page giving a brief description of our objectives and listing the officers of the tower
Fundamental Ringing Terms - 24 Dec 12. A sub page within the Training
Photograph of Gt Gransden church - 6 Jan 13. Added to Welcome page
Virtual Tour pages development started - 14 Jan 13
Archive Page - 18 Jan 13. Summary of events featured on the Welcome page
Virtual Tour - 18 Jan 13. Belfry, Danger Bells are Up, old Belfry and Top of the Tower added
People - 21 Jan 13. Brief section on Bells in the Community including a mind map
The Church Organs - 23 Jan 13. A description of the church organs in Gt and Lt Gransden churches
Guest Book - 29th Jan 13. Page added
Blog - 1st Feb 13. Page added
YouTube clips - 8th Feb 13. Some examples of change ringing on the Links page
Bell Handling - 15 Feb 13. Added as a sub-page as part of the Training pages
Restoration Project - 20 Feb 13. Page added
Historic Bellframes Rescue Recordings Project - A report about the old bellframe written by Chris Pickford. Can be found
in the Old Belfry page, included here with Chris's permission.
Church Bells of Great Gransden page - The Bletsoe Case, or The Tale of Gransden Tenor by Chris Pickford.
Compositions - 29th March 13. Added but still being developed. 11th May 13 - compositions from doubles to royal added.
Date Touches - 7th April 13. Added in the Quarter Peal page
Recent news on clapper adjustment (under the Other Bits About Bells page)
Events Diary - 8th August 13. Brief details of local ringing or Hunts District events
Little Gransden Church Bells - 16th August 2013. Page added giving details of the bells with photographs and diagrams.
Youtube account opened - Oct 13. To upload videos to the website.
HTML - 16th Oct 13. Code used to introduce scrolling marquee at the head of the Welcome page (experimental)
The Church Organs - 11 Nov 13. Infromation now moved to Gransden Churches website.
Video added - 21 Nov 13. Two minute "stills" clip of the half muffled peal on 9th November 2013.
Stills video added - Dec 13. Part of a quarter peal on the bells in Sep 1996 (before re-hanging)
Pages re-ordered - Jan 14. Rationalisation programme to hopefully enhance the visitor experience. Ringing subjects placed lower down in the order. Guest Book made the last page so that it is easy to find. New Gallery page added to include tower outings and videos. Blog and Archive pages separated by year.
Promotional video added to Welcome page - May 14 (removed 2016 until it can be updated)
Change of title to Gransden Bells and Training Centre - Feb 15
General review to tidy up the site - Feb 15. Blog and News archives for previous years transferred to pdf files to save space in the photograph libraries. Welcome page rationalised to be less fussy. Obsolete photograophs removed from the data base and the file index rationalised.
Facebook page created - Apr 17. To supplement this website with the intention to reach more people, especially local residents and organisaitions.
News and Blog pages merged into one - Blog - March 18. This has been decided because there is no real difference between news and blogs.

Handbook uploaded and various new links and references established - Nov 2018

Safeguarding Page - added Feb 2020

Still to come:
Sound clip of the clock tunes

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