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Posted by Victoria on 05/12/2018

Brilliant blog and Happy Birthday to Alasdair this month - 18!! Hope you're all well Best wishes, Victoria

Posted by Gloria on 22/09/2016

Thank you to the Gransden bell ringers for the important contribution you made to this year's Time Travellers production. To hear the bells ringing as our audience walk across the Dolefield is magical.

Posted by Claire on 07/12/2015

I enjoyed the company of Phillip and Sheila in Llandovery and Defynnog earlier in the year , they are excellent at ringing and your learners are very lucky. Good to see how things are going in your tower and wish you all well for the coming year . Hope to see you in the Brecon towers if you are in Wales again.kind regards from Claire

Posted by David on 07/11/2015

Fortunately got back from holiday just in time to hear this morning's quarter peal. Excellent ringing and half muffled sounded very poignant ahead of Remembrance Sunday. Congratulations to the ringers.

Posted by David on 24/09/2014

Hello from China! Went to Beijing bell tower to see the largest bell in China - bell 5.55m tall, diameter 3.4m, thickness 24.5cm, weight 63 tons. Pretty impressive - but unfortunately the tower was closed for renovation so we never saw it! See you soon D&S

Posted by Sheila George on 13/08/2014

Following email received from Trish Vine regarding Bletsoe tenor. Hello Sheila I am Trish from Bletsoe and part of the bell ringing group here. I just wanted to thank you for the article link to Chris Pickford about the original tenor bell plus the other bells that were in place prior to 1786. Just to let you know our bells received a lottery grant to be restored by John Taylor's. They are being taken out as I type and will be on their way to Loughborough tomorrow. I decided to have a look to see if there were any bells in place prior to 1786 and came across your lovely website. Many thanks Trish

Posted by David on 22/04/2014

Matthew - congratulations on your first quarter peal. We thoroughly enjoyed listening while working in the garden, the ringing was very good. Best wishes David

Posted by Vanessa Webster (was Rumball) on 09/09/2013   Email

It's good to find a tower website with lots of interesting information and pictures. I particularly liked the blog - It's good to know what happens at other practice nights and how other towers fair on a Sunday morning.

Posted by Nancy Perry on 06/07/2013   Email

Dear Great Gransden band, Thank you so much for firing the bells on the 4th of July - 17 years after the first time you did that in 1996. I could hear the bells all the way to Washington, D.C. You do understand, of course, that firing the bells on the 4th of July makes you honorary Americans, with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails. Congratulations! Nancy Perry

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