Gransden Church Bells 

Training Manual

The following documents are available for reference and/or download.

1. Bell Handling

Handling - correct (ART).pdf

Handling- incorrect (ART).pdf

Teacher Notes (ART).pdf

General Tips for Better Ringing (PG).pdf

2. Listening Skills

Listening Skills (Judith Frye).pdf


3. Understanding Call Changes

Understanding Call Changes (PG).pdf

Call Changes Quiz (ART).pdf

4. Kaleidoscope and Mexican Wave

Kaleidoscope Ringing Stage 1 (ART).pdf

Kaleidoscope-ringing-Stage-2 (ART).pdf

Kaleidoscope-ringing-Stage 3 (ART).pdf

Kaleidoscope Works (ART).pdf

Pieces of Work.pdf

5. Ringing by Places

How to Ring by Places (PG).pdf

6. Change Ringing

Doubles (5 bells)

Plain Hunt on 5 (PG).pdf

Plain Hunt moving on from numbers (Rob Parker).pdf

Plain Hunt on 5 Jargon.pdf

Plain Bob Doubles (ART).pdf

Plain Bob Doubles - touches (ART).pdf

Plain Bob Doubles Worksheet.pdf

Grandsire Doubles [plain course} (ART).pdf

Grandsire Doubles [bobs and singles] (ART).pdf

Grandsire Worksheet.pdf

Stedman Doubles.pdf

Minor (6 bells)

Plain Bob Minor (CCCBR).pdf

Plain Bob Minor (ART).pdf

Plain Bob Minor - Touches (ART).pdf

Plain Bob Minor Quiz.pdf

Ringing Up & Down in Peal

Raising and Lowering.pdf

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes Level 1 (ART).pdf

Learning The Ropes Level 2 (ART).pdf

Learning The Ropes Level 3 (ART).pdf

Learning The Ropes Level 4 (ART) pdf

Learning The ropes Level 5 (ART) pdf


Conducting Guidance Notes (PG.pdf

Conducting - Transition to Conductor (PG).pdf

Training Methods

Bastow Doubles.pdf

Bastow Minimus.pdf

Bayles Bob Doubles.pdf

Funny Bob Doubles.pdf


Knowing Where You Are (RW 2000).pdf

Setting the Pace (RW 1999).pdf

Good Striking and Rythmic Ringing (RW 1999).pdf

Training Chart 2012.pdf

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