Gransden Church Bells 

Virtual Tour of the Church Tower of St.Bartholomew's Church Great Gransden

The tower is described thus by The Revd B B Edmonds, vicar of the parish, in his book of 1892 "A History of Great Gransden".
grotesque gargoyles placed a little below the parapets add beauty to the tower, whilst the leaden covered spirulet, surmounted by a gilded weathercock, raises the height to more than 100 feet". 


Open Days - Tower Tours - Notice to Visitors
Church towers are rarely visited by the general public. Open days are occasionally arranged at Great Gransden to give an opportunity for visitors to see the ringing room, clock room and belfry, and to understand a little of bell ringing during demonstration sessions which includes the use of CCTV. Non-ringing visitors who wish to see the bells or clock, or just want to watch us ring are always welcomed. Visiting ringers are welcome to join us on practice nights or by arrangement at mutually convenient times. Access is restricted and instruction given as laid out in the Notice to Visitors.

The following pages will take you on a photographic tour of the tower visiting each room in turn as we climb to the top. If you prefer to skip a room just click on any of the page links.

The Ringing Room
There are 12 steps from the ground floor to the ringing room

Photo by Matthew George 
The Clock Room
A further 18 steps take the visitor to the clock room

 Photo by Matthew George

The Belfry
The belfry is reached by climbing another 11 steps

 Photo by Matthew George

Danger - the Bells are Up !
You must NOT enter the belfry if the bells are up ready for ringing because if they turn they could cause injury or death!
 Photo by Phillip George
The Old Belfry
The further 25 steps to this stage become a little steeper towards the top of the tower. Access is difficult and might not be possible for some visitors
 Photo by Matthew George




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