Gransden Church Bells 

Danger - the bells are up !

The belfry is kept locked and only authorised people are allowed to go into this room. When the bells are up there are much tighter restrictions and the photographs here have been taken by ringers who have experience and particular knowledge about the bell installation at Great Gransden.

 3rd and 2nd bells in foreground
  Clappers painted red in 2014
  Treble is "up" and the 2nd is "down"
Bell is "up", view from beneath
   Stay and slider of the 2nd
  Pulley block and rope

Clapper stay on 2nd 
   Third bell with muffle attached
  Close up of muffle on 3rd bell
Reed switch and magnets for use with the simulator
We use reed switches and magnets linked to computer software to help train listening skills. The equipment is unobstrusive and wired directly to the PC in the ringing room.
     Position of one of the magnets of the wheel    
The reed switch is glued to the bell frame
   One of the magnets passing the reed switch as the bell rotates

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