Gransden Church Bells 

The Old Belfry and the Top of the Tower

It is another 25 steps to the old belfry and the stapes become slightly steeper than lower in the toer. It is not possible visit this part of the tower on open days because access is difficult and presents particular hazards, but one to one visits can be arranged. On reaching the top of the spiral staircase the date of the original bell frame,1658, is clearly visible. On removing the locked shutter door access is gained by climbing on to the bell frame which is now boarded to allow inspection and maintenance in the tower. The 5th bell was originally hung in the pit immediately inside.

The original No 3 bell is still in situ and is still used as a service bell. When the bells were rehung in 2000 it was considered that it would not tune up very well so the ringers offered to pay for a replacement, which was agreed by the PCC.

Click here to see a plan of the old belfry as it is today showing the timber boarding over the old bell frame and the access hatches. The layout of the bell pits can be seen in this diagram. For a detailed report on the old bell frame click this link. This report was written by Chris pickford in 1994 when he visited at our request and on behalf of the Historic Bellframes Rescue Recording project. It is included here with his permission.

Views from this room are pretty good but the visitor has to squint through the louvres and a full panoramic view cannot be had. However, a climb up a near vertical ladder through a trap door onto the roof affords the best views.

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Top of the spiral staircase before entry into the old belfry
  Entrance is by a locked door and a climb through a small entrance onto the old bell frame dated 1658
   The first view as one enters the old belfry with the Old No 3 still in situ
Flint walls
  The tower roof
 Bells in old bell frame 1994
Photo taken from the trap door in the tower roof
  Newly boarded timber bell frame 2000 with the 3rd still in situ and used as a service bell
   Old No 3 bell
 Views from the Top of the Tower
Looking west down onto the former vicarage house
  Looking south towards Little Gransden
   Looking north over Old Dixies in Church Street
General views from the top of the tower
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Access to the top of the tower is prohibitted to the general public
 To the north west
  To the north
  To the east
 To the south

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